Pre-Marital Counselling

Create A Marriage For Life

"Nothing creates more happiness in life than a marriage that is vibrant and alive."


You are about to begin a great journey. Your marriage will be the greatest source of joy and happiness in your life-and potentially the greatest source of stress, discomfort and possible heartache. As you move towards your wedding day and prepare yourself for the journey ahead, do you want to:

  • maximise the chance of creating a happy, healthy and vibrant marriage?
  • avoid the most common features of unhappy marriages?
  • deepen your understanding of, and love for, your partner?
  • learn how to talk about difficult issues together-including issues such as money, sex and raising children together?
  • develop a shared plan to guide your married life together?

Premarital counselling can you help you achieve all of these outcomes-and more!

After participating in [premarital counselling], couples reported or were observed to be better at resolving problems using effective communication styles, and on average, they reported higher levels of relationship quality. They feel a higher sense of partnership and report a higher level of adjustment to married life than couples who did not receive premarital education.

JAson Carroll

Assistant Professor of Marriage, Family and Human Development-Brigham Young University


  • Avoiding the issues that plague 90% of all marriages before they become an issue for you
  • Learning simple tools to ensure that you and your partner do not fall into the same communication traps that so many couples fall into
  • Finding out more about your partner-and especially how they feel loved, before this becomes an issue for you
  • Developing a life-plan for your marriage together-ensuring that you are your partner are always working together on the same goals
  • Being able to have talk about the most difficult aspects of any relationship, including differences around money, sex and parenting issues
  • Learning relationship skills from an expert before you need to put them in place

With one simple decision, you can have all of these-can more.

Premarital Counselling Will Help You To:

  • Savour The Good Times and Make Sure They Last Longer
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Resolve Conflict Without Causing Long-Term Hurt To Your Partner
  • Understand And Appreciate Your Partner More Fully
  • Develop Freedom To Talk About Difficult Issues Such as Sex, Money or Parenting Together
  • Create Shared Goals For Your Life Together

Marriage was never designed to make an individual happy. An individual needs to work on making their marriage happy.

DR. Les Parrot

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University

What Others Say...

Premarital counselling has been invaluable to us. We have learned how to handle any problems that we may have in our future together. I especially liked learning about healthy communication-I think this helped John a lot as well. By discussing some of the issues that may arise in our marriage before we even get married I feel much more excited about our life together. Thank-you so much!"


As a young couple we weren't sure that counselling was for us. We thought that counselling was for couples with problems already. But as we went through our sessions we realized that there was so much about relationships that we didn't know. Our relationship is much stronger now and we can both be far more open to each other. Every couple should do this course!"


This programme helped me get to know Linda better and it made me aware of how I communicate in situations. Before this course I would think that Linda would have to change to make me happy. I know now that I need to change to make me happy-and the happier I am the happier our relationship will be. By sitting down together and discussing these things it has set a good foundation for our life together."


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"The Best Investment We Have Made"

My clients often tell me that learning to create a happy, healthy and vibrant marriage, even before they are married, has been the best investment that they could make. Even 1 session of premarital counselling can prevent major issues arising in the future. To find out whether premarital counselling is for you, book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me now, or book premarital counselling now.