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Did you know that you and your partner can create a more loving, passionate and connected relationship with each other in just a few counselling sessions, even if you have felt distant or disconnected from each other for years.

I know this sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing that you need months or years of counselling to help a relationship to change, but the reality is far from this. 

In fact, on this page I’m going to share three secrets with you that form the backbone of how I help couples build a more loving, passionate and connected relationship with each other.

But first....

Who Am I?

My name is Alastair Duhs and I am a relationship expert based in Sunnynook, Auckland

Over the last 30 years I have helped thousands of couples communicate better with other and develop more loving, passionate and connected relationships, often in just 2-3 counselling sessions. 


Years In Private Practice


Over 15,000 Clients Seen

Relationship counselling will help you create a loving, passionate and connected relationship with each other in just 2-3 counselling sessions.

So, what are the three secrets to developing a more loving, passionate and connected relationship?


The first secret is...

To build a more loving, passionate and connected relationship it is important to realize that the approach that you have been taking to your relationship to date has just not been working.

In many ways this is not your fault.

Few of us are taught the secrets to creating a loving, passionate and connected relationship, and if you do not know what these secrets are there is little you can do to fix your relationship.


The Second secret is...

To build a more loving, passionate and connected relationship with each other often you need to seek professional help from a relationship counsellor like myself.

Over the last 30 years I have helped thousands of couples rebuild their relationships. I know from this experience what helps couples and what doesn't.

For most couples that I see I can identify the patterns that are leading to their relationship dysfunction very quickly, and I can help the couples change these patterns in a transparent, non-biased way.

For most couples I see this is not something that they can do themselves. They need expert help.


The Third secret is...

There are some simple steps that any couple can take to improve their relationship, whatever issues they are facing.

These steps include spending quality time together, learning better ways to communicate with each other, having regular relationship meetings, practicing better greetings and partings and so forth.

In just one or two counselling sessions I can teach you what these steps are and how to apply them in your relationship.

Once I have done this most couples improve their relationship quickly, meaning that they can resolve more complex relationship issues far more effectively.

What Others Say:

Over the years, I believe that I have seen a total of 7-8 counsellors. Without any shred of exaggeration, my experience with Alastair was by far the best. He was extremely helpful and he really truly did change my situation at the time completely into a positive direction. I will never forget what he did for me, and all I need to do is think about him and it renews my faith in people and that they can care and make a difference and things can change.


Past Client

Alastair, your counselling skills are exceptional and I never felt judged by you. You made me feel comfortable and safe to open up about my feelings. You were able to help me identify what was really causing issues in our relationship and gave us practical tools to work through them. Thank you for helping my partner and I communicate better and ultimately save our relationship."


Past Client

Alastair has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, safe and cared for. I have learnt so much from him about communication and how to navigate through tough times in my relationship. My partner and I now have a stronger and more loving relationship thanks to Alastair's guidance.


Past Client

It's Time To Create A Loving, Passionate And Connected Relationship

After working with thousands of couples over the last 30 years I have developed some powerful tools that I know will help you and your partner rebuild your relationship quickly.

While it can take some time to put these tools into practice, I know that once you understand these tools you can achieve your goal of creating a more loving, passionate and connected relationship far faster than you might think possible!

Alastair Duhs, Relationship Expert
5/406 East Coast Road, Sunnynook, Auckland 0630