​Will Relationship Counselling Help You Create A More Loving, Passionate And Connected Relationship?

​​Take th​is ​quick ​quiz ​to ​find out if relationship counselling will help you ​create a more loving, passionate and connected relationship (and​ ​roughly how ​long ​it will ​​take and how much it will cost).

​All Couples Go Through Tough Times

Do you and your partner argue ​almost every day?

​Is your relationship stuck in a rut-living more like flatmates than partners or lovers?

Are you and your partner too focused on your own lives to spend time with each other?

Have you and your partner stopped having fun with each other-or worse, stopped talking at all?

Is your sex life unfulfilling or non-existent?

​​If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you are not alone. Although it is difficult to admit, relationship problems such as these very common.

Whatever the current state of your relationship, the good news is that you and your partner can create a better relationship. It may take a little time and work, but you can help you rekindle the love that bought you together in the first place and help you make your relationship the best it has ever been.


​​A More Loving, Passionate And Connected Relationship

Hello. I'm Alastair Duhs.

Alastair Duhs

I am a relationship counsellor based in Takapuna, Auckland. I have had over 25 years experience helping over 6,500 men and women create happy, peaceful and loving relationships.


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​Discover if relationship counselling will help you create ​a more ​loving, ​passionate ​and ​connected ​relationship.

​​Create ​a more ​loving, ​passionate ​and ​connected ​relationship

Over the years, I believe that I have seen a total of 7-8 counsellors. Without any shred of exaggeration, my experience with Alastair was by far the best. He was extremely helpful and he really truly did change my situation at the time completely into a positive direction. ​I will never forget what he did for me, and all I need to do is think about him and it renews my faith in people and that they can care and make a difference and things can change.


Relationship Counselling Will Help You:

Stop Anger, Abuse and Violence

Rekindle Romance

Avoid Separation and Divorce

Rebuild Communication

Overcome Affairs and Infidelity

Rebuild Your Sex Life

Relationship counselling has been one of the best experiences we have been through as a couple. I have learned how to control my anger in arguments and I am listening to my partner far more than I have before. We are much closer as a couple and look forward to our future together.




Create ​The Relationship You Really Want To Have

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​The Best Investment We Have Made...

My clients often tell me that relationship counselling has been the best investment that they have made as a couple. Even one session of relationship counselling can help couples deal with issues that they have ignored for too long. ​

Take the short ​quiz below to discover if ​relationship counselling will help you create a more loving, passionate and connected relationship​ (and​ discover how ​fast ​it will ​help you do this and how much it will cost).

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