Based On Your Answers You Have Given, You And Your Partner Are Primarily Struggling With...

Issues Of Communication

The good news however is that you and your partner can learn to communicate better with each other in just 2-3 counselling sessions.

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Did you know that you and your partner can learn to communicate better with each other in just 2-3 counselling sessions, even if you have had poor communication for years, you are hardly talking to each other or just about every discussion you have ends up in a heated argument?

I know this sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing that you need months or years of counselling to help a relationship to change, but the reality is far from this. 

In fact, on this page I’m going to share three secrets with you that form the backbone of how I help couples improve the way they communicate with each other.

But first....

Who Am I?

Alastair Duhs

My name is Alastair Duhs and I am a specialist relationship counsellor based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

In the last 25 years I have helped thousands of couples communicate better with other and develop more loving, passionate and connected relationships, often in just 2-3 counselling sessions. 


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Relationship counselling will help you learn to communicate better with each other in just 2-3 counselling sessions.

Learn to communicate better in just 2-3 counselling sessions.

So what are these three secrets to developing better communication in your relationship?


The first secret is...

In order to communicate better, you and your partner must stop trying to compete with each other or trying to “win” arguments with each other.

In fact, once you realize that the purpose of good communication is not to win an argument, but to understand each others perspective, most couples improve the way they talk with each other almost overnight!


The second secret is...

No matter how well you know your partner, he or she will always have thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, desires and intentions that you do not know about.

The main thing to understand here is that while an argument is happening most people think that they know exactly what their partner is thinking or feeling. However you cannot read other peoples minds, and in most cases you will be wrong about what you think your partner is truly thinking or feeling.


The third secret is...

There are some simple communication tools that improve the ways couples communicate almost instantly.

It is no-ones fault that most couples have never been taught these simple communication tools. However, as a result of not knowing what these tools are, many couples experience a breakdown in their communication with each other.

In just two to three counselling sessions I can teach you the communication skills that you need to know to break out of the destructive communication habits that are holding you and your partner back.

And once you know these skills, you and your partner will usually never go back to the arguments, the distance or the lack of understanding that plague so many relationships.

Over the years, I believe that I have seen a total of 7-8 counsellors. Without any shred of exaggeration, my experience with Alastair was by far the best. He was extremely helpful and he really truly did change my situation at the time completely into a positive direction. I will never forget what he did for me, and all I need to do is think about him and it renews my faith in people and that they can care and make a difference and things can change.




Create The Relationship You Really Want To Have.

Relationship counselling has been one of the best experiences we have been through as a couple. I have learned how to control my anger in arguments and I am listening to my partner far more than I have before. We are much closer as a couple and look forward to our future together.



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It's Time To Create A Loving, Passionate And Connected Relationship

After working with thousands of couples over the last 25 years I have developed some powerful tools that I know will help you and your partner communicate better almost immediately.

While it can take some time to put these tools into practice, I know that once you understand these tools you can achieve your goal of learning to communicate better and create a more loving, passionate and connected relationship far faster than you might think possible!

Alastair Duhs, Relationship Expert
433 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland